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Hearin Lumber Company, Inc. is central Florida’s premier wholesale distributor of high quality lumber products.  Serving hundreds of retail lumber yards since 1954, Hearin Lumber stands as a cornerstone to the success of many of Florida’s building projects.

From our humble beginnings in Clearwater, Florida, where we shared the ‘back lot’ and ‘rail spur’ of the mighty Clearwater Lumber Company, to our modern day home in Largo, Florida, Hearin Lumber Company continues to flourish from the ongoing demand created by building projects of a constantly expanding Central Florida area.

From the beginning, the philosophy of Joe Hearin was to supply quality lumber at competitive prices.  That simple philosophy is still in use today.

Due to the expanse of distance between the Pacific Northwest, where Hearin Forest Industries was rooted, and the newly formed Hearin Lumber Company, initial day-to-day operations were under the oversight of Pinellas County resident Pete Winters.  Although, shortly after the successful startup, Mr. Hearin employed the services of young Tony Kiggins from Vancouver, Washington to run the fledgling business.  Tony was hired with the understanding, he and his new bride and infant son would only be in Florida about one year.

Today, some fifty plus years later, thanks to sound guidance from Joe Hearin and tireless dedication from Tony Kiggins, Hearin Lumber Company continues to flourish.  “The early years were very challenging,” Tony states after a chuckle, “I was often working as manager, fork lift driver, warehouse stocker and salesman; all in the same day.” Tony recalls, “ my family station wagon was often used to both make sales calls and deliver lumber, often at the same time.”

After two expansions, which necessitated relocating in the early 1960’s and again in the 1980’s, Hearin Lumber Company operations include four warehouses with over 100,000 sq ft of inside storage, large capacity lift trucks and multiple, fully enclosed tractor-trailer, long haul trucks.

Together, Joe Hearin and Tony Kiggins created a business that continues to feed the central Florida building market today...some 50 years later...all as a result of one simple philosophy.

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